8th Annual Georgetown 9/11 Stair Climb

Since 2012, members of the Georgetown Fire and Police Departments have “responded” to the GISD athletic complex at Georgetown High School to walk the stadium bleachers until they have reached the equivalent of 2,400 stairs; all 110 floors of a World Trade Center building. The Stair Climb is in remembrance of the 343 first responders’ lives lost on September 11, 2001 in New York City. 

As the sun rises over the fields, firefighters and police officers are typically joined by members of Team Red, White and Blue; State Police officers and SWAT, and others from around Central Texas. Members of the community are welcome to attend this memorial event but, for safety reasons, participants are limited to Fire, Police, EMS and Military. They also ask that guests remember the solemnity of the occasion and maintain decorum. 

This is not a timed event or a race of any kind; just a simple way to honor and remember others who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is also a wonderful way to communicate the commitment and dedication to duty of all first responders and armed forces.  

Firefighters typically wear and carry their full complement of equipment, as their brothers did in the towers, and law enforcement wear their vests and helmets as well. Some carry flags, and some may even carry a lifelike dummy for part of the climb. 

Visit FireHero.org to find similar climbs around the country for yourself, if you’re out of town that day, or for family members who may be interested.