2020 Field of Honor

Rotary Club of Georgetown’s Field of Honor is Nov 7-15. More than 1,700 U.S. flags will fly at the San Gabriel Park Activity Field, each a tribute to a military service member, veteran, first responder, or COVID hero.

For safety, there will be no opening or closing ceremony, but Director Jeanne Cox has great vision for a very special week. Visitors will enjoy static displays, activities, and photogenic views of the field from the observation platform. Flag sales are ongoing at GeorgetownTXFieldOfHonor.org, and prior year flags may be re-posted starting Nov 7. This year, proceeds will benefit ROCK, Samaritan Center, and Veteran Outdoors.

Veterans can make appointments online for The Legacy Tent and tell their story in a 15-minute interview. Each is saved to CD and duplicated for family genealogy and oral history. Jeanne says, “Imagine a child hearing the story of her father or grandfather’s combat experience in his own voice.”  

Vacation Liberty School will host the Dear Hero Station, at which visitors may write an uplifting note to a Veteran, First Responder, or COVID hero. “We are delighted to honor all the people who have served honorably in this unusual time.” The morale-boosting messages will be delivered locally or delivered to Fort Hood to be sent to a deployed soldier.

Jeanne says a great silver lining, with the loss of field trip opportunities, is a plan for virtual field trips. Troops deployed around the world will come right into the classroom—virtually—from Poland, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East, to speak and interact with students. “The people who volunteered to participate are excited to speak to the kids directly, and some have even signed on for extra classrooms and panels all week, and we may make this part of our ongoing plans.”

Everyone is encouraged to see the field; masks are required only in the tents. Volunteers will be available from 9am to 7pm for flag sales, and the field is open 24 hours for visitors and respectful viewing.

American Heritage Girls render honors at a flag burning ceremony in 2019.
Photo by Jeanne Cox

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